Imagine dramatically improving your ability to handle stress by meditating

Alison Keane Educating in Mindfulness (AKEM)

Presenting the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course and workplace mindfulness training in Queensland since 2007

If you’re like me, living a fulfilling and stress-free life is important

Join the growing groundswell of business leaders, doctors and their patients, academics, parents, teenagers, the worried and the anxious, influencers and creatives in the internationally-recognised 8-week mindfulness immersion programme, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Find optimum health, happiness and peace of mind. Sometimes people start meditation and let things slip. Sign up for MBSR or private mindfulness training and find out how to develop the stamina to keep going with a mindful lifestyle...for life!

Alison Keane MSSc BBus Dip IYTA

Alison Keane is a mindfulness educator, clinical psychotherapist, and senior yoga teacher who has worked in the field of mind body, participatory and preventive medicine since 2001. Her extensive training and experience in workplace leadership and the community includes study under the direction of Professor of Medicine Emeritus, Jon Kabat-Zinn (2007, USA). In Brisbane, Australia, she also facilitates the internationally-recognised MBSR course developed by Dr Kabat-Zinn.

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Mindful Coach

Sometimes it’s not easy to get to a group course. our consultancy provides ‘tailored for you’ one on one meditation, mindfulness and ‘attentional’ training’ to suit your schedule or specific needs. And there are some fantastic benefits to private training. We offer a generous discount of $164 towards the cost of the group mindfulness experience MBSR if you decide you want to get even more learning and support. (terms & conditions apply)

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Workplace Seminars

Mindfulness, now recognised as a key driver of Emotional Intelligence builds leadership capacity, drives collaborative workplace relationship and alleviates workplace stress. Alison is an experienced trainer in bringing mindfulness to leadership and teams. Our customised corporate training events are available throughout Australia and New Zealand, and can be tailored from half day seminars to week-long retreats, and on-going mentoring and support.

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The MBSR Course

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course, the original group mindfulness experience has been researched for more than three decades. Outcomes for those who complete the entire 8-week programme have been positively documented.  MBSR is suitable for anyone interested in finding safe and effective ways to handle stress, and in taking more responsibility for improving health and well-being. 

We have two evening MBSR courses coming up! A NEW Tuesday evening MBSR Course starting 5.45pm March 28 at Ashgrove and our usual Monday evening MBSR Course starting 5.45pm April 3 at the Brisbane Quaker Meeting House, 10 Hampson St Kelvin Grove. Check out all the MBSR course dates on our MBSR page. If these course dates don't suit you this time call or email today to see what else we offer in the way of shorter and tailored courses to suit your unique situation.

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Alison's Brisbane MBSR course was featured in the
award-winning SBS documentary, The Silent Epidemic

Other 2017 Mindfulness Courses - Leadership and Workplace Self-Care  

Learn mindfulness meditation and emotional intelligence principles as a way of skilfully and compassionately guiding organisational change, building an even healthier workplace culture and of fostering engaged, collaborative teams. Discover accessible pro-active ways to reduce on the job stress for yourself and for your staff to increase work and life effectiveness for everyone and to support health, well-being and inner calm even during times of stress. Experiential programmes to suit all workplaces. Enquire here

  • Mindful Leadership (1 day) 2017 tba
  • The Mindful Therapist (2 day) 2017 tba

To find out more about Mindful Leadership and The Mindful Therapist or in-house ways to bring our mindfulness training to your organisation call us direct on 0402 795 796 or email

Moving Mindfulness

Mindfulness is not just about sitting learning to meditate. Mindful movement is a powerful way to explore the nature of our experience, and may in fact work better for some people. There are many different forms of mindful movement. One of these is yoga, an age-old deeply meditative practice to energise and enliven the body and to calm things down in the mind. Alison has more than 15 years experience as a teacher of safe inclusive yoga.

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Alison Keane speaking with 4BC’s Sally Chester Law about the
benefits of doing mindfulness courses like MBSR


We sell Meditation and Breath Awareness MP3s to help support your mindfulness and mediation practice. MP3s can be purchased online and are available as an instant download.

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I came to MBSR seeking a quick fix and have come away realising mindfulness is a life journey

A fantastic mix of interactive activity-based theory and discussion

Power and engaging. A clear snapshot of accessible secular mindfulness

By far the best course offered by this training provider. I want to connect with Alison to learn more about mindfulness