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The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

Are you stressed and can’t find any way to beat that sinking or churning feeling that you have inside?

If we let unwanted stress go on for too long it strips us of our life force, our energy… even our dreams.

There is a really effective way to deal with stress.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is the original group mindfulness experience where you’re giving mindfulness not just your passing interest, but a real chance to bring kind-hearted attention into everyday life, to cope better with stress, feel better and live the life that you want.


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MBSR is an eight week mindfulness course, with eight 2 1/2 hour sessions and a whole day programme -  27 hours of direct hands on training and support with an experienced mindfulness practitioner and teacher.

Why eight weeks? Research suggests that it takes this long to change stressful mental habits like worry or self-criticism and to learn a positive calming one, such as mindfulness.

I came to MBSR seeking a quick fix and have come away realising that mindfulness is a life journey….I now have the skills to start that journey – Annette, QLD

The Brisbane MBSR course is facilitated by an internationally-accredited mindfulness teacher.

Alison Keane is one of a small number of Australian mindfulness teachers accredited to facilitate MBSR by the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine Healthcare and Society. The CFM is actively involved in establishing global teaching standards in mindfulness.

The cost of doing MBSR is well-priced given it offers 27 hours of direct training and support.

We also offer price reductions for fulltime students, if you have a health or seniors card, or current mental health care plan.


MBSR has been brilliant. I feel great! I now have the tools to deal with stress when it arises. I’m so proud of myself for doing it, and I believe that mindfulness has, and will continue to change my life – Sarah, Brisbane

Helpful things to know about the Brisbane MBSR Course:

How is the MBSR different from othermindfulness courses?MBSR has been well-researchedWhile some mindfulness courses make a lot of promises about the benefits of mindfulness, the positive participant outcomes of MBSR are based on solid empirical research spanning more than four decades.These include the ability to cope more effectively with stress, an increased ability to relax, more positivity and heightened energy levels. It’s longer and more comprehensive than many other courses.MBSR is an eight week educational course, with nine sessions in total and a one day mindfulness retreat - 27 hours of direct hands on training and support with an experienced mindfulness practitioner and teacher.Why eight weeks? Research suggests that it takes this long to change stressful mental habits like worry or negativity and to learn a positive calming ones like mindfulness and selfcompassion. The Brisbane MBSR course is facilitated by an experienced mindfulness teacher who has been facilitating MBSR in Queensland since 2007.What happens in an MBSR course?Throughout MBSR you will be consciously and systematically working with your own stress – and the challenges and demands of your everyday life. Sessions include lecture information about stress physiology and wellbeing, a variety of progressive mindfulness practices, some discussions and practices and exercises to do between sessions. Your teacher will create a safe and supportive environment for this work.Do you need to have experience in meditation or be good at yoga?No, it doesn’t matter if you have never tried meditation. Or even wonder whether you’ll be able to!  One of the foundations of mindfulness is having a ‘beginner’s mind’ - coming to each meditation as if it was your first! As our teacher is an experienced hatha yoga instructor there is some gentle mindful movement in MBSR. This includes learning to walk mindfully. Instruction is given thoughtfully and carefully to ensure everyone is safe and getting the most out of the experience.Is there any support once I have completed an MBSR course?The 8-week MBSR course provides the tools to begin your mindfulness journey.However you might also like some on-going support to help you keep things going. As an MBSR ‘graduate’ you will be able to arrange private one on one meetings with your MBSR teacher. Or, you might like to register to join one of our Brisbane or online MBSR on-going learning and support groups and forums when they happen.Living a mindful life, and the discoveries and awakening that come with this are further enriched by attending the regular MBSR Full Days or even doing the MBSR course again at some stage. In recognition of your commitment to a mindful life we provide a special ‘Past Participant Refresher’ price should you wish to engage in the full MBSR group course again.What time is MBSR and where does it happen?6pm Mondays (sometimes Tuesday evenings also) at the Brisbane Quaker Meeting House, 10 Hampson St Kelvin Grove. Please note that our Oct 17 course will be held at 6pm Tuesday evenings at our Ashgrove office and group room.When does the next MBSR course start?See dates for our next three MBSR courses.How do I register?Register and Alison will contact you after you have completed registration to personally welcome you to the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction journey, tell you a little more about the programme and answer any questions that you might have. If you would prefer to have a chat with Alison prior to registering call 0402 795 796 Needs to better explain how to register.What if I can’t get along to an evening MBSR course?We’d love to find another way for you to experience MBSR and the benefits of making mindfulness meditation a habit in your life. For people who cannot make the MBSR training in person or who would like a one-on-one experience, we also provide our MBSR training course in Brisbane or via Skype. Or we can tailor a private introductory mindfulness package regardless of whether you are just starting out on your mindfulness journey or already an experienced practitioner.

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