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Are you wanting to achieve wellness and calm?  Alison Keane offers a range of Mindfulness options for you and those you care about.

Mindful wellbeing for everyone

Our goal is to keep the group MBSR Course accessible to everyone who can benefit. Health care card-holders, Seniors, those with a Mental Health Care Plan, full-time students and those experiencing financial hardship are welcome to get in contact with Alison on 0402 795 796 or email to discuss a discount or payment plan.

An important message

Our training and support is inspired by the insight meditation tradition and the teachings of Professor of Medicine Emeritus Jon Kabat-Zinn and the MBSR program.

Shorter mindfulness courses and programmes that we offer will give you a wonderful introductory experience of mindfulness. However, we recommend for the full experience of mindfulness meditation and how to get the benefits from making mindfulness a habit in everyday life that you join the group Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme.

February 20 MBSR Group Course - $579 (EarlyBird by Jan 15 - $550)

Throughout MBSR you will learn how to make the practice of mindfulness a habit in your life as you consciously and systematically work with stress, and the challenges and de-mands of modern life in a safe, supportive group setting.

MBSR Private Course - Brisbane only or Skype - $750

If you can’t make our group MBSR course we offer MBSR privately in Brisbane or by Skype. If you have a work or life schedule that is always changing, for instance you are a busy parent, a shift worker or you live in another location.

MSBR Refresher - Re-igniting the Practice for Past MBSR Participants - $450

The 8 week MBSR Course provides you with the support and tools to begin your mindfulness journey. However, living a mindful life and the discovery and awakening that come with this are kept to the fore-front by remaining connected to the MBSR community. One way to do this is to enrol at a later date for another MBSR course. We would like to offer this opportunity to you at a special offer price.


The Mindful Couple - $165

Take your intimate relationship to a deeper level of connectedness, joy and growth with three introductory mindfulness-inspired relationship wellbeing sessions for you and your partner. Includes yoga, meditation, tips on mindful communication and a couple gift. Great anniversary gift. Valentine’s Day. 3 X 45 Minute Sessions

Mindful Wellbeing Package - $210

Learn healthy ways to look after both your body and mind with our Mindful Wellbeing Package. You will work with the teacher to develop an introductory well-being programme that includes your own recorded guided meditation & take home mindful movement or yoga workout. Includes wellbeing gift. 3 X 60 Minute Sessions

Mindfulness for Study Calm - $165

Learn effective mindful approaches for calming and clearing the mind. Great for study anxiety and to deepen attention and concentration levels. Develop effective mindfulness meditation-based strategies to reduce stress anxiety, and to look after yourself during busy periods of intense mental work. 3 X 45 Minute Sessions

Would you like to treat someone special?

We have a Gift Certificate for the MBSR Course, one of our Special Mindfulness Packages, or a personalised yoga class. To order one for one of our products send an enquiry here and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Special Offer

All private training programmes will enable you to enjoy a special price offer to attend our premium mindfulness training – the 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course.

Terms and conditions: MBSR registration must be within 12 month of your other training with Alison Keane.

Ask us about Direct Deposit options

All private sessions apart from MBSR Skype are available in Brisbane only.

MBSR Special plus Private Training Package - $450

In recognition of your interest in making mindfulness a habit in your life you are invited to at-tend our premium group course, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at a special offer price. Please add the date of your private training with us.

MBSR Mindfulness Retreat Day - $60

Past MBSR ‘graduates’ refresh your mindfulness practice and stay connected to the MBSR community by coming along to one of the course retreat days at the Brisbane Quaker Meeting House, Kelvin Grove held throughout the year. Check our MBSR schedule for the next Retreat Day. Once you’ve registered you’ll receive an email with more details about the day.

Private Counselling Sessions

Alison is a registered clinical psychotherapist who works with individuals and couples.

To book a counselling session with her, send an enquiry and you will be contacted to arrange a suitable date and time.

Simply Meditation - $75

You’ve heard about the benefits of meditation but you never quite knew where to start? Or perhaps you’ve experienced the calm and joy of meditation before but have lost touch with the practice?

Learn how to meditate with the guidance and support of an experienced teacher who practises mindfulness and meditation in everyday life. Simply Meditation is also suitable for small groups. Simply Meditation includes a 60 minute private class in introductory mindfulness meditation and an optional but highly recommended follow-up Skype or phone call for further support once you've had a chance to practise for a few days on your own. If you’d like to continue discuss our range of budget-friendly packages with your teacher.

Yoga For Me - $115

Ever thought you’d love to remember some of those great yoga moves you did in class? Whether you’re seeking yoga for stress relief, flexibility, back and neck care, or a yoga plan for some overseas travel or to do at work get a personalised programme with Yoga Just for Me. In two 45 minute sessions with the help of a senior Yoga Australia teacher you’ll find the perfect postures to safely and effectively practise at home or on the go. Once you’ve done Yoga for Me you can book a follow-up block of private classes with our experienced yoga teacher at any time.

Private Yoga Class

Interested in private yoga classes? These can be arranged at a time that suits you or your group of friends at our boutique Ashgrove yoga space. Alison is a senior Yoga Australia teacher specialising in yin and restorative yoga and mindfulness meditation. Yoga is helpful in the management of anxiety stress, neck, and backache, migraines and general muscular tension.

If you have a chronic health matter it is recommended that you have a chat with your doctor or other healthcare professional before proceeding.

Meditation & Yoga for Children

We do get enquiries about teaching mindfulness, meditation and yoga to children. Please drop us an email telling us what you are seeking and we will get in touch to discuss this with you.

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